Friday, August 31, 2012

Instant rage-ette

If you look up "time" with a search engine, you find many over 100 million results.  "What time is it?" is an important question throughout the developed world.  

I am interested in time accuracy and learned from "Faster" by James Gleick.  I found that some people are much stricter about time accuracy than I am.  My computer as well as my cable tv box allow me to get accurate time, as does my cell phone.  The computer and the cellphone, the only ones I've checked, seem to agree with each other pretty well.  

Until I got a Casio watch, I was unable to synchronize the seconds with time sources.  But the Casio watches have a function that allows nearly perfect syncing with a source.  However, the watch has four buttons and each has several functions.  I use the stopwatch fairly often since it works as a timer.  But the watch is accurate enough that I don't have to set it or change it very often.  So, I forget what does what.  

I noticed that my watch was about three minutes off and I tried yesterday and today to reset it.  I must have tried at least a dozen times, maybe a dozen and a half.  Despite my interest in taking life as it comes, I found that each time I failed to reset it right, my anger shot up.  I haven't told anybody that and you could do me a favor and not tell anybody, too, if you would.  

I was surprised that such a simple and basic operation could raise my ire so high so quickly.  The seconds can be set each time the model time shows h:m:00, that is, each time the second hand touches the 12 o'clock point.  But if the reset is off, I have to try again but I must wait for the second hand to circle completely in the next minute.  Then, another try. No!  That is not the right button either!  Grrrrr!

I have no Chinese, Indian or other Oriental blood.  Despite my advanced age, I am emotionally immature.  Damn it!  Double damn DAMNIT !  Of course, my Zen conscience is trying to be soothing.  My meditative mind is emphasizing the smallness of the task and the unnecessary heights of my temper.  Luckily, I found and managed to remember the right steps before hurting myself, the watch or people I love.

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