Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too many or smart acquisitions?

Helen Smith is a young mother who lives in London.  She is the author of several successful books and a blog that I follow on my own blog page.  She has commented more than once that having a Kindle seems to have encouraged her to buy books.  She thinks she has already bought more than she will ever read.  I have, too, and I have several weak excuses/explanations.

Just a few minutes ago, I bought "I'm Ok, You're Ok" by Thomas Harris.  I read that book years ago so why buy it now?  I like having a copy at hand.  In eform, it is at hand wherever I go.  That book and the 850 others I have are at hand all the time, whether I think to pack them or not.

It seems that only a few of my friends have Kindles and that seems a pity to me.  When someone familiar with the device seems in need of a given book, either for entertainment or a pick-me-up for mood, it is very easy to get a copy into their hands for a price that is much less than a bouquet of flowers, especially if the recipient is on the other side of the continent.

I have two Kindles, a Touch with 3G/Wireless and a Fire.  The Fire is considered the top of the line but I like the Touch quite a bit more.  It is lighter in weight, thinner.  It holds a charge for weeks while being used and it holds around 1400 books. I can view movies on the Fire and it does download books a bit more quickly than the Touch but it needs constant recharging.  I like the fact that there is a file in the Touch I can get to that contains the highlights of any book I mark up electronically.  Although in truth, I go to my computer and find the same passage in the book on the computer in the free Kindle software and copy it if I am going to quote it.  

I purposely bought the Touch with ads.  I wanted the feature of being able to download books out of the atmosphere, called "shop in the Kindle store" without being near a wifi signal so I want 3G as well as the ability to search out and connect to nearby wifi setups.  I was a little reluctant to do without a physical keyboard but I have found the electronic image keyboard to work quite well.  I bought the Touch with ads.  I found before purchase that I could dispense with the ads after buying for $40 but I think it refreshing that different scenes and items appear on the deadscreen instead of the always the same few photos.  The ads have not been a bother at all, so far.

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