Friday, July 20, 2012

7 more at once

  1. C.Y.'s link to nice USA Today chart of life in and on our bodies, Herbert's "The Autism Revolution" and human microbiome - this subject is popping up all over: bacteria and such that live in and on us
  2. group delusion of money - I spend lots of time thinking about seeing what is there so it makes me laugh that a $20 bill is just a green and white piece of paper that I durned well better have images and ideas about and not just see it for its actual self.  Author here is very well known, a New Yorker columnist and author of "The Wisdom of Crowds."
  3. 7-way venn diagram – You probably remember Venn diagrams that typically show areas for 2 variables that have some common elements and some unique ones.  This is a rendition of seven variables in a two dimensional form
  4. e pluribus unum (inspired by the essay of that name by Jon Kleinberg in Brockman's "This Will Make You Smarter"- computers, a fist of five cooperating digits, mural on UWSP CNR wall by Richard Schneider and many students, USA motto of course, our brains and our whole bodies are amalgams, conglomerates are cooperating bundles of components - all show a unity when taken together.  Kleinberg emphasizes that we are moving slowly out of an age of analysis (taking apart) and into an age of synthesis(putting together). Educators have long used Bloom's taxonomy of steps of learning from knowledge (the basic facts), comprehension (understanding their meaning), analysis, synthesis, (and evaluation, where we judge the over-all impact and worth).
  5. Shorter fits better sometimes into our lives and not just on Twitter: tv shows of 45-50 minutes instead of movies (see "Men of a Certain Age" and others like the early "Grey's Anatomy", "Foyle's War", "Ballykissangel", "Cheers", "The Wonder Years")
  6. Let's face it: It is never the RIGHT time (Ferriss), You never have all you need (Boorstein)
  7. "Let's outsource the presidential campaign!"  Ramesh Ponnuru in Bloomberg View

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