Sunday, July 29, 2012

two mnemonics

For more immediate problems, Jack Kornfield recommends RAIN:
    Recognition that you are indeed being bugged by something
    Acceptance that it is your mother-in-law or the other political party or whatever it is
    Investigation - time to check your body for tension and explanatory upset that may give clues about the problem, your feelings about it, what your thoughts are and have been about the problem and finally what the doctrines and teachings you use have to say about such a problem.
    Non-identification - the problems is not you.  Even if it is your hair or your bills, it is not you.

For long range happiness, Martin Seligman recommends PERMA:

"Well-being theory has five elements, and each of the five has these three properties. The five elements are positive emotion, engagement, meaning, positive relationships, and accomplishment. A handy mnemonic is PERMA. Let's look at each of the five, starting with positive emotion."

Seligman, Martin E. P. (2011-04-05). "Flourish" (p. 16). Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Seligman's PERMA -

    • positive emotion - you experience a preponderance of positive emotions
    • engagement - you habitually are into something deeply, to the point that time flies, similar to Csikszentmihalyi's well-known "Flow"
    • relationships that are positive for you
    • meaning - your life includes aspects that have strong meaning for you, often related to something that you feel is bigger than you
    • accomplishment- you have genuine accomplishments of which you are proud

Martin Seligman is the founder of positive psychology and a respected author, professor and researcher.

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