Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrating World Ignorance Day

Just think of it!  There is so much we don't know!  Not only that, much of what we used to know is wrong!  

A good amount of what we knew, we have forgotten.  I used to have a halfway decent drum roll.  Now, I can hardly do a paradiddle.  So, no worries.  We have plenty of ignorance and there is a very low probability of our ever running out.

Friday, the 13th of July would be a wonderful World Ignorance Day.  It would be celebrated only when the 13th of July falls on a Friday.  That is an important feature of World Ignorance Day, considering there are 7 billion people in the world and each of their lives, cultures, histories, ideologies, joys and sorrows contains a very large number of events and themes to celebrate or remember.  Our calendar is already very crowded with holidays and National Pickle Day and Boss's Day and Secretary's Day and what-not.  This chart in the Wikipedia shows when July 13 is a Friday and as you can see, it happens irregularly.  So, all new proposals for holidays and celebratory days should include a way of making the day occur less than annually.  Don't you think we need things to occur only every two years or less often?  This business of Labor Day coming up every single September gets to be a burden.  We no sooner figure out who is going to be in the day's parade and durn if we don't have to start on the question all over again.

While we may run low or out of oil, food, water and clean air, maybe we can take some consolation in our large supply of ignorance.

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