Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Recent Reactions to Posts On World Ignorance Day -
  •     When I can see how ignorance is bliss, then I can celebrate its presence.
  •     You (Bill) can do better than this.
  •     A single day is not enough to adequately celebrate how much ignorance there is.  (I modify the plan to propose a World Ignorance Month.  I always liked those complex schedules sometimes featured as jokes, you know, "we are open during the months whose name doesn't have a Z in them" sort of thing)
  •     World or national ignorance day would merely make money for all the card companies. It would turn into an exercise, commercialized in many ways, to "prove" we are celebrating what we are "supposed" to be celebrating.
  •     I would concur with a day, or many, to recognize in humility how little we know about so much, and redirecting our national education and agendas to vital (vita, Latin for life) issues which truly merit full attention, exploration, debate, careful and sustained listening, truth testing in crucible of argument and reason, and election of those committed to representing the policy directions yielded from the ongoing national dialog. (Note: the tools listed needed to be supplemented by experimentation and data-gathering these days.)
On tired vs. new and better suspects

from my dear friend Bonnie Clendaniel "Add to the tired list of those needing less attention

    1. "Muslims overtaking our cities
    2. "US population becoming too integrated with non-whites
    3. "Welfare

    "Add to the hot list of new and worthy suspects
    1. "Greed
    2. "Narcissicism
    3. "Not being able to spell narcisissim
    4. "Keeping up with the Joneses or whomever is living next door or down the block
    5. "Lack of introspection
    6. "Too much introspection/not enough action"

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