Monday, July 16, 2012

New suspects

Whenever problems pop up or solutions to difficulties are sought, certain topics are immediately rounded up as "the usual suspects".  From what I have seen, I recommend that theorists and investigators look elsewhere and not try to put the finger on these targets:

  1. reasonable amounts of caffeine
  2. small amounts of alcohol
  3. mothers
  4. elementary schools
  5. gridlock among our politicians
  6. failure to follow Christian principles on the part of others, especially our leaders

Again, it appears to me that the following targets do bear investigating and deserve more light of day and better explanation of what they can do to human lives

  1. cell phones or texting while driving, and drunk driving
  2. processed foods (not dark chocolate, though) and soda
  3. spending precious funds on junk
  4. smoking or other ways of getting tobacco into the body
  5. over-scheduling our lives without adequate breaks and pauses, however frightening the prospect of boredom may be
  6. too much sitting
  7. too little sleep
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