Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's the Password?

We watched the dolphins cavort and fish.  We watched the pelicans dive into the water for food.  We took a ferry ride and visited the Naval Aviation Museum.  But nothing compared to the side-splitting laughs we got from playing Password. It's that game where you say a single word to your partner and try to get them to say the key word for that round.  If your partner's response is not the sought word, the other team gets to try.  This process is repeated until the key word is spoken by one side or the other or until each team has had five tries. 

Say the key word is "lemon".  If you say "sour", the first thing that comes to your partner's mind will not be "lemon", unless you are very lucky.  You can try building from one try to another by saying "yellow" on your first try and then "sour" on the second and "fruit" on the third.  But your partner may not realize what you are doing, may not remember the three connected clues or be distracted by the other team's clues.  There is a very good chance that all four players will have many times when they are struck by funny ideas or contrasts and one or more players will have to wipe the tears of laughter out of their eyes to be able to read the game words.  It can be way better than NCIS or Twitter.

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