Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cyberwarfare in the second grade

Animosities arise all over the place.  Somebody takes your favorite seat in a restaurant or church and you don't like it.  Then, you see the same person talking to someone you want to talk to but can't since your intended is engaged at the moment. 

We like to think that we adults can see our little distastes or internal pouts for what they are.  But it is only to be expected that little kids have much to learn about manners, ethics and self-mastery.  We all know which of the two genders is more famous as action-oriented and aggression-disposed.  So, it will not come as a surprise to learn that a certain 2nd grader looked for ways to get back at classmates who put him down and picked on him.

This little smartie looked at the logons used on his classroom computer system.  He realized the logon and and password were a simple function of the initials and names of students so he then knew how to sign on as another member of his class.  He did such a logon and opened a test that student needed to take.  He took the test for the student, making sure to do badly.  Doing badly on purpose requires that you know how to do well and this guy did and that was what he avoided.  After performing poorly in another's name, he logged out and repeated the process in the names of a few others who had been picking on him.  Then, he shut down the entire classroom computer system.

Cyberwarfare in the 2nd grade was uncovered and our hero was sent to the principal where he received instruction in morals and proper computing procedures.  If he were mine, I would want that to happen to him but I would also be impressed at his powers of observation and abilities.  I would keep an eye on him, too.  As he ages, his powers and his value are only going to increase.

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