Sunday, February 14, 2010

where to flee

Dave thinks it is very odd to be snowed in here in Pensacola.  One does't expect to travel to the Florida Panhandle and the Alabama Gulf Coast and find snow.  Not finding snow is one of the main reasons for coming here.  Downtown Pensacola has not had snow since 1977.  Of course, all the tv people and those they interview are excited and amazed by the lovely blank of white seen a little north of us.

We Badgers like to think that we know about snow and driving in it and we do.  But north or south, nobody can drive a car if there is no friction between the tires and the road surface.  So far, it is only rain here, something the area gets lots of.  I remember the low we experienced last year as being 28° and we may get to that temperature tonight here.  People are worried that we will get snow during the day, it and any melt or rainfall will freeze to an icy surface tonight.  All predictions are that the whole problem will be gone in a day or two but it is both exciting and an interference for now.

I realize that Baltimore and Washington, D.C. have gotten incredible amounts of snow recently and that their amounts are way bigger and more bothersome than a half inch or so.  

At this time, cental Wisconsin is reported to be cold (about 0°) but completely clear and nice for driving.

I have been thinking about posting on the question of whether the Alabama coast or Wisconsin is colder.  Sounds like a dumb question until you factor in what people are used to and what clothing and equipment they have.  Our front door faces directly north.  When a wind blows from that direction, we feel it since there is no weather stripping or seal around the door.

Once we were with our friends in Key West, near the southermost point of the continental US and we were in a cold spell.  They told us not to worry since if it got colder, they would press the big button on their weather control panel for the house that said "Heat".  It got colder and they pressed the button.  Nothing happened.  We were all shocked.  They had no idea that the button did nothing having never needed to try it before.

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