Thursday, February 4, 2010

too much of a good thing

The ancient Greeks thought a major key for good living was "moderation in all things."  The rule has survived millennia because it is actually helpful.  But, in an advertising and competitive culture, the rule often gets put aside.  

I think of this when ever I visit a restaurant, especially the many who" seem to follow a rule of "the more the better.  At one time, vanilla ice cream was probably considered an excellent flavor.  I guess it got so popular that it was everywhere.  It became the standard.  Then, it became "plain old vanilla".  So, vendors try to enhance the standard, go beyond the standard, 'break through' to something new.  How about chocolate or strawberry syrup on top?  How about both?  

Mayonnaise was a genuine enhancement to a meal at one time.  Also catsup and mustard.  Now, we want sandwiches with all three condiments but we also want Tabasco sauce, too.  Maybe we will get to the point where we just eat the condiments and seasonings.

I am pretty sure I saw a menu that announced both hollandaise and bernaise sauce on the same dish.  I know it is difficult to find ice cream in a cone shop that does not contain some sort of dough or bits of pretzel or 'cookie'.

I noticed when it was pointed out that Google's stark main page is simple and uncomplicated but I wonder when others will realize that less is often more and splurging in moderation is better.  We can only be excited or aroused or frightened or touched up to a point.  Beyond that is not 'better' in some way but 'over the top' and we get turned off or alienated.

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