Thursday, February 18, 2010

a triplet of oddities

Triplet of oddities
Oddity #1 - Why would a nice new car have a west coast license on it when it had just been purchased a few days before in an east coast city and has only be driven around town?  Answer: because the owner, an impecunious grad student has landed a job on the west coast and really needs to replace his heap before driving wife, kids and a few belongings to the new location.  His state slaps a big extra tax on the purchase of a new car and he can't afford that.  He contacted the motor vehicle dept. of his new state and they sent him plates for the small, more manageable fee that place charges.

Oddity #2 - Why do the red-blooded males from 18 to 80 suddenly become much better informed on local news than ever before?  Answer: because a local tv station just hired a very attractive and well-built young woman to handle the local news items in their broadcasts.

Oddity #3 - Why do some practitioners of Zen and related disciplines feel a small jolt of satisfaction when they become aware they are being petty or overly critical or sensitive to some childish fear or worry?  Answer: because they practice sharp scrutiny of themselves and they have learned to note and face each little false step or wayward emotion in themselves.  Their practice has shown them that noting and facing, almost savoring, their internal negatives very often leads to clearer understanding and appreciation of themselves, those around them and life in general.

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