Wednesday, February 3, 2010

living in an aerie

We are on the 14th floor of a 14 story building.  We look out over the Gulf of Mexico and over some lovely sounds and bays.  

Sometimes, humans are said to live more or less 2 dimensional lives, moving about the surface of the planet but not changing their altitude very much.  Yes, we climb mountains and drive up hills now and then but we don't change our distance from the center of the earth momentarily with the freedom of the birds or creatures of the seas.  When I do get a chance to be up a little higher, it is surprising what the changed view does to my consciousness of the world and my location in it.

I am too chicken to take flying lessons.  I don't see much point in sport parachuting. But I am interested in aerial views.  "Earth from Above" is one  of several books to show what we might see from our flights or our rocket ships.

The eagles, ospreys and owls steadily see things we don't but would enjoy.  Maybe in another life.

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