Saturday, July 25, 2020


You have noticed that you can't get into my head.  You won't fit.  If you break in, you will hurt me and probably lose the things you wanted going in.  So, for humans, along came speech.

Other animals communicate with sound and body language, too, so it is not just us.  But we have gotten more elaborate.  It is not just words between us but also timing, gestures and glances.  

Many people today are capable of keeping a running commentary going describing their thoughts, questions, observations and feelings.  You might not notice my shoelaces or my belt buckle but if you mention them, I know you are aware of them.  If you don't mention them, you could still be aware of them but you might not be.  You might not have noticed the fabulous shoelaces I am wearing or my darling belt buckle.  What you notice, what you are aware of may differ widely from what I have verification from you about.  

Sure, some of us guys have a running word meter.  We aren't allowed by the Oath of Testicles to say too many words in a day, words about anything. Our word total is limited by the Treaty of Versailles.  By the time I listed all the things about you that I notice today, I would reach my word maximum.  You shouldn't expect me to comment on everything about you that I have noticed, let alone things I wonder about, things I remember, things I worry about [Did you keep your face mask on in the grocery store?  The whole time?  Up over your nose?]  So, spoken words, words in email, photos sent, sound files of speech, all the tools can still not really cover all the thoughts and experiences.  

Truthfully, I don't want to speak every thought and you don't want me to.  You have other things to do besides listen to me or read my emails.  

Maybe we should make use of that joke idea.  You know, the old guys or the prisoners or the knitting group or whoever it was that started numbering the comments they make.  They are the ones who just call out a number, "47" and the others know which of the comments in the list are meant.  We could communicate faster and more easily.

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