Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lens and Jamboard

You can look up Google apps and see what is available.  Google Search is the main Google service but there are many others.  One way to see some of the services and software if you have Gmail is to click on the Google launcher, a set of 3x3 dots in the upper right corner of the Gmail main page.  Here is an illustration:

Two newer ones are Lens and Jamboard.  Another way to see information about a Google service is, using a search/address window, type its name and a period and "Google" and another period and "com".  So,   

The basic idea is image recognition.  It's not much different from searching by image instead of by words.  If you have Google Photos on a tablet or phone, you may see a symbol for Lens when viewing a picture that has been taken.  The Lens link above leads to information and pictures describing checking where you can buy a blouse like the one you see someone wearing.

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard.  I went to schools that had blackboards.  They were easy for the teacher and others to write or draw on and easy to erase.  Many schools today have whiteboards that can do what blackboards did but also are connected to the internet and can quickly show a picture of the Taj Mahal or Harriet Tubman.

You can save whole white boards loaded with pictures, drawings, equations and maps.  You can send them to others and save them with labels and titles.

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