Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Not to mention the Greeks

Innocence, insularity, inflexibility, habit and rhetorical devices

I get purpose and fun writing my blog.  So, I urge my friends to do the same thing.  However, if they do, I will certainly try to read what they write and respond to it, at least some of the time.  The situation would be similar to having a group of student papers that need to be read and graded.  Much of the time, a simple grade is not very helpful or interesting.  It is usually better for the student if there is also a comment or clarification that helps the student know why that grade was given.

That is what I was thinking about when I wrote Monday's blog post entitled "Why I would appreciate it if you didn't read this".  A friend thought I might be using some of the rhetorical devices used by one of the current presidential candidates.  I sent her comments to another friend who studied and taught rhetoric and persuasion.  Since that exchange, those two have helped me become aware of this article and of this list of rhetorical 'devices' or speaking strategies

The next time I say to a person that I simply can't allow myself to pick on someone of very low intelligence, the next time I tell you about an incident and simply stop in the middle, leaving the impression that I am overwhelmed and just can't continue, think of the ancient orators.

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