Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two rules for improving conversation

I am promoting two rules.  The first is "No more discussion, writing, talk, videos, movies, plays - nothing any further about World War II. " I realize it was a big deal in many parts of the world, that it was a heck of a challenge to the US and even more so to Russia.  I know that many lost their lives, there was pain, and loss and fear.  But enough!

The second is no discussion of nor reference to the coming presidential election.  Yes, elections matter and yes, even for people not in or near the United States, the election has importance and affects things.  But the long, grueling months of palaver, conferences, debates, challenges, explanations, cover-ups, uncoverings, rebuttals, defences, comparisons and whatever I have skipped over out of fatigue and grumpiness have taken their toll.  Most of us know who and what we are voting for and what and whom we are not voting for.

So, enough about WW II and enough about the coming election.  The guys at lunch informed me that these two rules, taken together, eliminate conversation.  I disagree.  We have our brains and we have our senses.  The brains will deliver ideas and enquiries and the senses will show us information and sensations from the world.  Between our minds and our perceptions, we will discover that a great many fascinating things are happening above, beyond, over, behind, through and below anything to do with WWII or the coming election.  People still fall in love without reference to either of these way-overdone topics.  They can see and appreciate and learn and discover, they can invest, spend, save, accumulate and sell without either topic.

I am confident there will be challenges but, Folks, it will be worth overcoming them.  We will be all the richer, all the happier with a little discipline, a little concentration and some effort.  Go!

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