Sunday, August 7, 2016

Unfair practices

I really like that bread.  Toasted and buttered with light butter while it is still warm.  "Yum!" doesn't cover it.  The crust dries a little while the butter is melting into the bread so it is just the right toughness and crunchiness.  The bread has meanwhile absorbed the light butter canola oil mixture, making each bite, chew and swallow a deep pleasure.

You can see that I really like that bread.  But our raspberry jam is excellent, too.  On that bread, it has a delightful taste.  What to do?  Eat the whole slice and relish the taste of bread and butter ?  Add great jam?  Jam dilutes the toast taste and no jam sacrifices the fruity taste.  Either way has its positives but either way, I lose something.  I don't want to lose anything at all.

This is a miniature version of many struggles I face daily.  If I go west, I give up what lies to the east.  Going east means I didn't get to go west.  

Choices, choices, devilish choices!  Why should I submit to these limitations?  I am supposedly a free individual and yet I can't even have my bread with and without jam, much less make a profit without paying taxes, have a wonderful day without using up one of my remaining sets of daily hours, read and watch tv and pay full attention to both.  Isn't it in the UN charter somewhere that a human has the right to live as he wants?  What's with these limitations, anyhow?

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