Monday, August 8, 2016

Hold on! Give it some time.

One of the handiest ideas to keep at the ready for all sorts of uses is

I don't know (yet)

It is ok not to know.  You really can't expect to know what is going to happen or why things that do happen turn out like that.

I recommend having faith in the overall ability of people, singly and in groups from a committee to a combination of nations, from yourself on out.

A single person can come from a family that is not promising and doesn't supply love or respect and yet that person finds brain fuel and discipline and application that takes them far.  When you try to figure out how that happened and why it didn't' happen to others when it should have, you can't.

With our individual spirits, our available resources, and the odd cooperation that pops up between people or the fortuitous events that sometimes surprise us, we can achieve things, sometimes things that we had no idea we even wanted to achieve, much less, could.  Sometimes, we need some time to notice our achievements or to sense what they mean.

Our modern world is focused on clever planning and design and it seems clear that we are improving in our respect for and attention to planning and design.  We are getting better tools for setting goals and creating uplifting, inspiring designs.  But aside of deliberate and intentional activities, there are other possibilities.  When we don't know what to do about a problem and we can't seem to get any help or answers, we can simply wait.  We can have a little respect for our heritage. After all, we "Sapiens" were created and modified over an extremely long time.  Our kind has come through all sorts of challenges and difficulties, far more and far scarier than we can know or keep in mind.

Like a very rich man with more money and houses and properties than he can keep in mind, our libraries of tools and our populations of possibilities take a while to just consider.  We give advanced machines and teams of workers time to work out solutions and in the same way, we sometimes need faith to simply let things sit awhile.

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