Monday, August 5, 2013

Hospitality at the hospital

I was admitted yesterday early in the morning.  Lynn's brother and the two of us were set to drive north 165 miles through Ironwood, MI to near-by smaller Michigan towns of Montreal, Pence and Iron Belt. Near the latter is the graveyard where Lynn's dad is buried.  Lynn's Mom's ashes were mixed with those of her 2nd husband, Norm, so that each of them could be buried with their first spouses and be together at the same time.

You may remember that at one point, Jesus is questioned about the future of a woman who married seven different men, each of whom died before her next marriage.  I can't imagine the allocation and distribution problems in such a situation!

I ruined the plans though with a suspicion that something was amiss with my pulse and heartbeat.  Lynn listened to my heart with her stethoscope and agreed that things didn't sound right.  Since my atrial fibrillation experience, I have been trying to pay attention to my heart's feel and that of my pulse.  We went to urgent care, yet again, and were told I would be admitted to the hospital for an unspecified number of days.  That was Sunday.  All that day, my heart rate kept jumping all over the place, anywhere from 161 to 50.  At the same time, my blood pressure with no meds as usually taken was low, like 80 over 60.  They gave me several meds I had never heard of. At three AM, I went into a good rhythm and I have been in it since and it is now 11 AM.  Plans are being made for me to meet with a cardiologist Stevens Point shares with our version of the Mayo Clinic, which is the Marshfield, Wi. Clinic.

I wrote that I might not write until I was  back home.  Without this computer, it is difficult to access the Google contact mail groups.  Even though I know each person who gets this blog personally, I can't remember all the names and my iPad makes it very difficult and iffy to get to use my mail groups.  Lynn brought me this computer, mouse, pad and full-sized keyboard and I am using all of them to say Hi. 

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