Monday, August 19, 2013

Household art

We have quite a bit of household art.  Our daughter was a good artist from 8th grade on, when she won a contest at a local art gallery for a painting of Seattle.  (She used her artistic license and left out the famous Needle.)  Her finest work is probably her dragon sneaking up on a village. We have original art done by Lynn and by local artists and professors. Some of Lynn's drawings are of wildlife and some are important locations from her childhood, such as the small farm where her widowed grandmother raised her family of 7 boys.

We are both fans of photography, by us and by others.  We have photos, especially of Hawaii that we took in various locations there.  We have photos of Nova Scotia puffins and amazing double falls in the Columbia river valley of Oregon. We have a Polish paper cutting mounted on the wall and The Letter, sent from a lonely girlfriend in Florida to a lonely boyfriend working in a Maine summer job.  (It's a little too passionate for the living room and is kept behind a door.)

We do have some three-dimensional art.  Well, we have to, with a potter/ceramicist in the family but it is not all ceramics.  One of the first Valentine's gifts I ever bought Lynn was a 18" statue of a skier.  We used to have a nice dancer but she got cracked.  We have a great blue heron, an Arctic owl, a stylized little owl Lynn gave me when my doctoral diploma arrived in the mail.

Of course, we have accumulated many small mementos of this and that person and this and that experience.  My grandmother, an important trip to Montreal and Quebec, Elderhostels north and south on both coasts, a statue from a deceased friend with a photo of him beside it, a Nigerian candle holder not to be mistaken as something from anywhere else, some urns of important ashes. You could write a good synopsis of our adult lives with a history of the household art.  We have more art than can be comfortably displayed.  Our wall are fairly full and our surfaces sufficiently crowded.  That doesn't mean that we have ended all new construction and acquisition.  I personally am especially prone to habitual blindness, not seeing something if it is familiar and in the same place for very many days.

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