Sunday, August 18, 2013

A new enthusiasm

[When writing this blog, my biggest time-waster is deciding between two or more possibilities for the subject.  Some days, I vacillate and get distracted and the whole day goes by.  That happened yesterday so I am determined to be ready in the morning.]

I am a fan of the leafy green, kale.  Ever since I was a kid, it has been one of my very favorite things to munch.  Way before I learned about carbs, fat and protein, my eyes told me to try eating that strong-looking, inviting green.  Not long ago, one of my favorite food guys, Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the crew at Nutrition Action published a chart of vegetable values.  They did the typical thing and devised an overall score for each vegetable.  The median value of all vegetables listed was 92, for red cabbage.  The score for kale, which topped the chart, was 1389.  The next vegetable listed was spinach, with a score of 931.

This year, Lynn ran into a recipe for lemony kale salad.  She grows kale along with other vegetables in a little garden.  She goes to a local green house in the spring and gets Russian kale.  It grows prolifically and makes many large, smooth leaves.  It is not as curly as the type you meet in the grocery store greens section.

It is quick, easy and delicious to harvest a few of the giant leaves, strip off the stems and heaviest veins, rinse and dry them.  Tear them into small pieces, add chopped or halved cherry tomatoes, lemon juice (third to half cup), Parmesan cheese (half cup), olive oil (half cup) and walnuts. More than appealing!  

You will be making it for company, parties, buffets you contribute to and augmenting lunches and dinners at home. There are 190,000 references on the subject according to Google search.  One said that the salad resulted in the unprecedented request by the dad of the family for kale tomorrow.

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