Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1500 posts

As of today, Monday, August 26, I have 1500 posts in my blog, Fear, Fun and Filoz.  The first post was March 28, 2008 but I didn't write steadily until 2009.  Since Jan. 10, 2009, I have averaged .89 posts a day, close to one a day.  I always feel that I have no obligation to write, nor any to write about, nor avoid writing about, any particular subject.  My purpose in writing quickly developed into just seeing what was on my mind, what was happening in my life, trying to select from that material, parts that might be interesting to others.

I reserve the right not to write, especially if I am traveling or otherwise engaged in activities or at a location that makes writing and posting difficult or intrusive. Often, what is on my mind is not the sort of subject that most people think about or care about.  The message posted today is about data analysis and statistical prediction.  I find this subject quite interesting and it goes back to the early days of shipping and the invention of insurance.  I have taught statistics many times and I rarely find other people who are interested in the subject.  I know that many classes cover too many topics in an effort to cram it all in.  But from time to time, I do include information about statistics and other topics I am familiar with.

A few weeks ago, I explained that I might take a more relaxed approach to writing, maybe posting every other day.  I received several complaints that reducing the frequency of posts would interfere with the life rhythms of several of my good friends.  Their morning wake-up routines include reading my posts along with their morning coffee.  It just wouldn't be the same without them.  I had little feel for the fact that I was becoming a habit in the life of friends and certainly didn't foresee a call to write from people that matter to me.  I did have a taste of the need to consider other people's feelings and possible alarms when I was unexpectedly unable to write a couple of times.


I have never had occasion before to accumulate quite so much writing on quite such a broad range as this blog contains.  I have tried a few little steps toward organizing the topics, or a topic list or a table of contents.  Since I try to write most days and I purposely start each time by asking what is prominent in my life that day, there is bound to be a disconnect  between days.  This page contains links to four files: three related to my blog and one to my PhD dissertation in 1968.  The first file contains the post titles in order of appearance for the first 1000 posts.  Some of the post titles are misleading, often an attempt at word play or a different slant on a topic.  

The best tool for locating a topic or subject is the search window on the blog page.  Trying several different possible search terms will often lead you to the posts you are looking for.

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