Sunday, August 25, 2013

Really good agents

I have read that one of the valuable aspects of life in the US is the people who run the agencies, both governmental and private business.  They can usually be counted on to have the best interests of the customer/client in mind.  I was reminded of this subject when we were on the phone with our financial advisor in the morning and visited our main physician in the afternoon.  Of course, both of these men have excellent support themselves.  Very knowledgeable partners, assistants and secretaries, who are personable and competent.

Our financial advisor has an unusual background, having studied both business and graduated from divinity school.  He has been a full time pastor, a hospital and Hospice chaplain and now runs an expanding finance business.  Our longterm investments are handled by him and his staff.  We are more than satisfied with the managing and advice we have had.

Our main physician is very popular and has a waiting list of people who would like to be his patients.  He is a good line of defense for us between our innocent bodies and the many techniques and technicians who seem to be waiting in the bushes for us, ready to pounce and inundate us with services, probes and prescriptions.  I am confident that some of them have a place in my life but many do not.  I count on the good judgment and common sense of our medical agent, knowing us, our desires and our histories, to help us make use of the items that offer some aid and improvement while avoiding unneeded entanglements, medicines and arrangements that pay off poorly.

Of course, many other people help us regularly: help desk workers, poll workers, street pavers, us legistators, and others but they are mostly anonymous.  They can be interchangeable in that we get assistance from one or another, with no control of who it will be and little memory of who it is that solved our problem.

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