Saturday, June 9, 2012

Occasional delicious foods as mood lifters

For 24 days, I have measured my weight and my blood sugar.  For the same period, I have had very little milk or grain.  I do eat cheese sticks which are labeled "0 sugar" and some other cheese with the same rating.  I have been avoiding bread and grain products.  Ever since my parents owned a confectionary store, I have known I was a sugar hound.  I can get too much and feel temporarily off candy and sweets but that feeling only lasts a short time.

I do see that as I get older, the draw of sugar and candy drops, which is ok with me.  While trying to be quite aware of how full or hungry I am, and cutting down on milk and bread just about to zero, I try to watch over my mood.  If, between hunger and a mood of irritated deprivation, I start thinking the project is too much bother, it seems time for some delicious food.

In college, I had little money and resorted to Jello in warm water for a hot drink I could make myself at a cost I could afford.  While in high school and college, needing something to eat, I often ate a rolled leaf or two of lettuce with salt and pepper.   I still find raw broccoli florets and radishes very good at assuaging hunger.

Lynn likes a grain cereal in milk for breakfast and relies on Post Wheat 'n Bran most days.  Since that cereal is around and I know she has researched for a prepared cereal carefully, I have gotten in the habit of eating a few pieces when I am hungry.  It is actually rated "0 grams of sugar" per serving but I think the government allows such a statement if the lab finds .5 grams or less.  Whatever the chemists find, I feel an abrupt fall in my hunger level as soon as I swallow some of that cereal.

If I want something that seems delicious, I resort to
  • cold water with ice
  • a small apple
  • cold ripe orange
  • 1 square of Lindt dark choc with sea salt
  • 1 Lindt truffle
  • 90% cocoa Lindt (I like to call it "penance chocolate since it almost feels like a punishment)
  • sugared ginger
  • small glass of Mogen David blackberry wine,
  • toffee (can be homemade quickly and easily with brown sugar and butter in a microwave) - very dangerous for me, since I can't make a really small amount and I have fallen into eating the whole batch immediately.  Similarly, with Doritos.

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