Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five at one blow

1. Malcolm Gladwell's statement in "Blink" is still bouncing around in my mind: keeping the talk moving forward by avoiding No - instead "say No positively"  See "Saying Yes your way"
2. It is fun to think about reversals -

breathing backwards

breathing three breaths at once ( more of a jamming instead of a reversal)

The Old Dog Barks Backwards by Ogden Nash

counting backwards by 7 from 100

3. A new service coming soon - marital kidnaps arranged.  When a couple has been together for a while, they tend to take each other for granted.  Our crew will abduct one of them (your choice), feed and house that person comfortably for a few days.  After a little time has passed, the missing person will be returned and the pair can re-appreciate each other.
4. Celebrations of life, the photo montage expanded  You have seen graduations, marriages and funerals that include a display of relevant photos: the person in childhood, graduating from high school, singing in the choir, playing tennis.  We intend to create a highly flexible building in a lovely site for celebrating a life.  The building can be configured in several architectural styles (Taj Mahal, cathedral, modern office suites, log cabin, southern plantation mansion, German brewhaus, etc.)  We will have a small theater to play a continuous history of the life, a room of artifacts (first bottle, first bike, the original jalopy set of first wheels, homecoming queen tiara, etc.).  The cafe will serve the celebrant's favorite foods (Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, pizza, walleye, tiramisu, steak with blue cheese).  The wax museum will show our person as a child, obtaining first prize at the fair and feature readings by those who loved the celebrant and benefitted from their love, guidance, support, example.
5. New forces in the world - educated, financially comfortable widows and widowers  Fair warning: a new wave is emerging.  Today's little old lady and her male companion speak several languages, are hip to all electronics and social media sites, are not in need of any new products and don't care about rousing political rallies.  They are experienced practitioners of all the major religions and regularly attend yoga and karate classes.  Sophisticated and at ease, they constitute a new type of world citizen.  Deal with it.

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