Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am still used to trying to write a blog post daily, some sort of observation about what has been occupying my attention.  I try to write between about 350 and 500 words but some posts may be shorter or longer.  I compose in the word processor in Google Docs, which gives me a backup copy of each post.  I now have 1125 posts, which appear on a web page in the Blogger section of Google as well as being mailed to 71 people daily.  There is a gadget on the blog site page which will enable anyone to have the post sent to them by email.

I found a while ago that emailing the blog to people increased the chance they would see it.  I realize that many get it but aren't moved to read it.  That is actually ok with me.  I wouldn't be happy if absolutely everybody did that all the time but they don't.  I often get a few comments from friends about one post or another.  I almost never get comments from worldwide web readers but there are some.  I put the statistics for the blog views from the web site up in a previous post just two years ago.  Since the beginning of this blog, there have been a total of 13165 visits to the pages.  The most viewed post of all is "What it says", with 138 visits, June 1, 2010.  Ironic since that post is from a friend and I reposted it.  My average is about 12 views of each post.

The top countries from which viewers come are these:
U.S. 8,189
Russia 1362
Germany 367
Slovenia 363
United Kingdom 188
France 148
South Korea 142
Netherlands 121
Denmark 120
Canada 116

You too can be an international blogger 20 minutes from now.  Just go to and either sign in with your Gmail account or create one and say Hello to friends, neighbors and other citizens of this planet.  Add further posts when you are in the mood.

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