Monday, June 25, 2012

How to indulge

Indulging is fun and it is not that hard.  With a little effort, you can indulge in wine, love, poetry, gardening and many other activities.

Let's start with the basics.

Step 1: Indulge in being alive: take a deep breath.  Savor the ability to do that, the oxygen itself, the satisfaction of being alive, of sustaining your life, nurturing the fruit of your parents lovingly and with respect.

Ok, that was good, it was fun and you totally did it!  So...

Step 2: select someone you love.  Think of what you haven't said to that person or openly and explicitly admired about that person.  There are probably several reasons you love them.  There may be several aspects of their appearance, the personalities, their character, their gifts to you that you are grateful to have, to know.

Step 3: construct a statement, oral or written or artistic to express how you love or are grateful to that person selected in step 2.  Try to make the statement impressive but not overwhelming.  Don't turn over all of your life savings or all of your lottery winnings to them.  Just something rather out of the blue but clearly and emphatically a gift.  Could be a bouquet of that person's favorite flowers or your favorites.

Step 4: deliver the statement to the loved one.  You can do it face to face or by arrangement as when you have flowers delivered or a loving message sent in the mail.

You have now indulged in life and love.  Time for pleasure.

Step 5: pleasure indulgence - select a pleasure: maybe food (chocolate) , drink, skin sensation such as a hot bath, shower, or massage, stretching out for a nap, watching a good show or smooching with your honey.  Partake of the pleasure at a slow enough speed that you can really pay attention to it and your pleasure in it.

Repeat these steps as often as needed to marinate yourself in your riches.

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