Friday, June 22, 2012

At ease!

He is bursting with male energy.  Power and drive flow off of him like body heat.  I have some of that myself so I can recognize it.  Of course, as the wily scientist Daniel Kahneman says,

Because it is much easier, as well as far more enjoyable, to identify and label the mistakes of others than to recognize our own. Questioning what we believe and want is difficult at the best of times, and especially difficult when we most need to do it, but we can benefit from the informed opinions of others. Many of us spontaneously anticipate how friends and colleagues will evaluate our choices; the quality and content of these anticipated judgments therefore matters.

 Kahneman, Daniel (2011-10-25). Thinking, Fast and Slow (p. 3). Macmillan. Kindle Edition.

Some guys seem to apply themselves rigorously to everything they do.  Their strong approach reminds me of the king in "The Student Prince".  The prince was sent to the university to be a little more down-to-earth and at ease with the commoners.  His father had him brought in and Dad issued his order: "You will henceforth radiate warmth and friendliness and that is an order!"

I am reminded of the book "Fighting for Life", where the Chinese saying can be read: "The female always wins because of her greater quiet."  I am reminded of various works entitled "Hurry Up and Relax!" and "Hurry Up and Meditate!"

I want to be less judgmental.  I catch myself being judgmental when I just told myself not 10 minutes ago to be less judgmental and here I am being that way again!  Many aspects of the self are best handled gently and sympathetically, like Mom or Grandma would have done, not with a rigorous charge and grim determination.  As St. Paul bemoaned, (paraphrased), "What the heck is the matter with me?"

Eckhart Tolle in Stillness Speaks:
This is the miracle: behind every condition, person, or situation that appears "bad" or "evil" lies concealed a deeper good. That deeper good reveals itself to you — both within and without — through inner acceptance of what is... A dialogue:

Accept what is.

I truly cannot. I'm agitated and angry about this.

Then accept what is.

Accept that I'm agitated and angry? Accept that I cannot accept?

Yes. Bring acceptance into your nonacceptance. Bring surrender into your nonsurrender. Then see what happens.

Tolle, Eckhart (2009-03-25). Stillness Speaks (Kindle Locations 801-809). New World Library. Kindle Edition.


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