Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out of Step

About a year ago, I saw that more and more commercial operations were communicating to me that they wanted a "relationship".  Not that kind of relation!  The kind where I love them while buying from them.  At least, like them very much.  Preferably more than I like their competitors and enough so that I gladly suffer their price raises and product shrinkages.

But you know me: I don't suffer if I can help it and I don't want additional friends or relations.  The ones I have are quite sufficient and my attention and energy only go so far.  So, I am not part of the big social media push.  I don't tweet and I don't Facebook and I don't Google +, at least so far.  I admit that people are fascinating but all my life I have had trouble concentrating on very many at a time.  I can sometimes pay attention to several neat, cool, imaginative people but I can't simultaneously think very clearly about me.  I'm still thinking of how cute she is or how much I wish I looked like him the next morning.  That's why I wear mismatched socks.  It's out of love and interest in others!

So, as Prof. Iyengar explores some of the social forces on our choice making, she tends to leave me behind.  What is in style, the current fashion, usually repels me.  I have even noticed that I tend to really get interested in tv shows only when they are no longer current and are in re-runs.  If it doesn't appeal to me, learning that the item is very popular doesn't usually enhance its appeal.  Too new is often too untried.  Too new is often too weird, especially in this day of the latest greatest baloney.

I never had a D.A. hairstyle.  (Look it up or ask your granny.)  When I have gone with the latest style, I have regretted it but that has been quite rare because I usually am confused about what the latest actually is.  As with others, I have usually been too poor to be able to afford the latest clothes, brands and gadgets.  At those times, I get down on myself for being out of step with the popular beat, I find there are too many.  There are competing drummers: my church, my political party, my Google Circle, the local PTA.  I get all confused about which style to adopt.  I soon revert to my usual habits.

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