Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot news!

Hot news! - no matter what I do, I will look worse.  I don't look all that great now.  I'm short and I have white and sparse hair.  I have something of a paunch.  I don't know of any way to get younger but I don't want to be.  I now have a clear road to deterioration-ville, sometimes simply referred to by us down-the-tubes-ites as "D-ville" We think of the D as also standing for death, disability, disintegration, downfall, and dust.

The two of us have taken an interest in AARP and other magazines and organizations that scout out people our age and older who appear to be rather young and active. We are searching for venture capital to fund a magazine that highlights people in their 50's who look like they are 90 years old but only if such persons consider their looks to be a special gift and achievement.  We detect a steady effort to admire youth and being young and are against it.  We are preparing a wrinkle cream that should be on the market soon and it will be the most effective wrinkle producer ever seen!

In our effort to start a pro-aging movement, we see that such a movement will be in accord with the aging obstacles we have already overcome.  We used to be too young for X-rated movies, for the consumption of alcohol, for a driver's license.  We overcame all of them and we can vote and marry.  We object to being told repeatedly that we are too young for this and too young for that and then suddenly being labeled "too old."  We demand consistent, reliable labeling!

We are tired of being so damned attractive!  We are searching for decrepitude and we intend to find it, acquire it and retain it.

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