Monday, September 26, 2011

Three to fill a gap

I like to make one post a day but today, I sent out two by accident.  When I do that, I want to skip the next day.  Several readers have an interest in the posts but find it difficult to get to them each day.  They prefer to look at two or three at a time and I don't want to crowd their reading schedule.  

In the meantime, here are some extras if you already read both posts and are looking for something more this morning.

Handy tool for purchasing and copy: Download the free Kindle software to your computer.  In some ways, it is better than a Kindle, which costs anywhere from $114 to $189 depending on what features you purchase.  If you highlight a section of a book on the actual Kindle, you can't get to it except on that same device.  You can download your comments file to your computer but the Kindle computer software enables immediate copying and pasting of a passage, including a citation.

Improve your mindfulness in 6 second bursts: A man I admire mentioned that he has trouble meditating.  I don't know if he meant finding the time, the motivation or doing it "right."  Whichever, a friend told him to simply pay attention to his breathing at a moment here and there during his day.  Great advice.  Dr. Charles Stroebel advocated something similar more than 25 years ago.  He knew that scanning your thinking and your tension level at a red light or while waiting for your call to be answered, you can accomplish a lot for your awareness in 6 seconds.

Impressive list of Google company official blogs I have mentioned the many Google free products and services, so many that it is very difficult to even find the time to try them all out.  But I just found this list of Google blogs of many types and for many purposes.  If you want to see an impressive array of international and technical blogs, take a look at the Google blog list.  Hint: if you open the link using the Google browser Chrome, you get a neat banner at the top to translate foreign pages into English. 

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