Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just great, for a moment

I often have ideas for posts in this blog.  There are also tasks, errands and projects I want to do.  I have books I want to read, people I want to have lunch with.  I make lists of all these things: ideas, tasks, books, people.  Then, once having made a list, I put it somewhere and forget about it.  If I don't forget about it, I ignore it.  If I don't ignore it, I look over the list but the items on it seem uninspired and boring, when they seemed fine before.  That's why I wrote them down.  

When I was teaching, I would compose a lesson plan using my very best imagination, intuition and knowledge of both the subject and ways to teach it.  But then, once I began the lesson, I had difficulty getting myself to pause while teaching and look at the plan.  I tended to ignore the plan, keeping my eyes on the students and my thoughts on what I was doing and what seemed the best and most natural step.  

I have read Ornstein's hypothesis about the wiring of our attention and memory.  We become aware of things by using these properties

recent - this just in!

vivid - the eyeball rolled across the room!

comparison - so tiny!

significance - do you realize what this means?

I seem to be afflicted with "new-itis", always finding the latest thought full of promise but only for a few hours.

I do get tired of dreaming up something good and then forgetting about it.  I buy a good book, put it on the shelf for later but "later" never comes.  I am trying to understand what I can do to stay more interested in what I planned a couple of days or more ago. 
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