Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Preserving scenes


Lynn took this picture yesterday morning.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it has a haunting beauty.  I posted it on my blog and she sent it out to a group of her relatives and friends.  Quite a few people commented that the picture is beautiful.

One friend who is an artist (and quite a bit more) said she would like to buy note cards with that picture on them. Others said they would like a copy of the picture on a poster to put up on a wall in their house.  Those comments inspired me.

We have dealt with Vistaprint before when Lynn printed some business cards with them. 
​ If you have an image and I did, it can be easy and quick to put in an order for cards with the image.  Vistaprint is far from the only place where you can place an order.  They make note cards, simple flat ones for a note on the back and folded ones for a note inside.

It is impressive how many auxiliary products can be offered along with note cards or business cards.  Got an image?  They can put it on a mug, a T-shirt, a calendar, a shopping bag, a mouse pad, can coolers to keep your beer cool, pens, stickers and lots more.  You want more formal clothing than a T-shirt?  They also make polo shirts with collars.  Don't forget ball caps and hoodies.  How about a nice stamp of your image ?  Of course, they make posters large and small.  They can supply a notebook with your image on the cover.  How about a yard sign for outside and a banner across your living room?  Why not seal your letters and greeting cards with a sticker showing the image you have?

I did place an order for note cards and a mouse pad but don't tell anybody.  The shipping is cheapest if you pick "slow" so it isn't supposed to be here for a while.

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