Friday, October 28, 2016

Google and trends in communication

My take on computing today is "Google".  I use Gmail.  I compose in Google Docs and store my docs on Google Drive.  I can access my email and documents on any computer and any computing device, such as an iPad.  I post my blog in Google Blogger.  I keep Chrome, Google's browser open all the time along with Firefox, my other browser.  I have set Chrome to open to Gmail on one page and my Gmail contacts on a 2nd page.

I get a notice from Think with Google weekly or more often.  Nearly all of the content is about the steady and dramatic change in computing from computers to smartphones.  As an example of the changes that have occurred among tv and computer users over the last few years, see this page on YouTube vs. broadcast/cable tv.  I note that one of the items on the page linked below is that many people, especially younger people, habitually use two or more screened devices simultaneously.

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