Saturday, October 22, 2016

Know that place?

Some days are busy and yesterday was a good example.  I didn't get today's blog post written until now.  

This morning we talked about taking some trips.  Lynn tends to be attracted to outdoors.  I tend to see yet another lake, yet another mountain, yet another picnic table.  Sure, the actual skyline  is different but I skim, generalize and overlook.  So, trying a different approach, Lynn started looking at Road Scholar's Signature Cities program.  We have been on 15 Road Scholar trips and every one of them was worthwhile and fun.  

She tried getting us talking and thinking about cities.  I was born in a city and raised in a city of over a million.  I visited what I considered a small town, a college town, liked what I saw and wanted to teach here.  She is a suburban and country woman but understands and like cities, too.  Our town has a population of 27,000, which makes it the 28th largest city in the state.  

When we moved here, we were next-door neighbors with a banker who had moved here from years of living in a town of 448.  He felt he was adventurous, moving to our big place while we felt adventurous moving to our littler place.

I have had experience in alleys and backs of buildings. Today, I wanted to deliver some business cards to the Q Gallery and I tried to enter from the back.  That plan put me in the back of buildings clearly built 100 or more years ago.  I have lived in this town for nearly 50 years, all of them as an able-bodied adult with a car that had fuel.  I have biked and walked here but I had never even seen the sights I saw looking for the back door I sought.

I wrote in this blog about two separate visits to Florence, Italy and how different they were.  Except for seeing the Michelangelo's statue of David and the famous Duomo cathedral, they might have been visits to two different places.  The route in, the route out, the places you go and the activities you participate in can easily differ so much, it is hard to believe it was the same place.

I know some parts of my town and some parts of Hilo, Hawaii and some parts of Sante Fe, New Mexico but there are many places in each I haven't visited and don't know.  We have an attic in this house but I have never been there.  There are undoubtedly places in our yard I have never set foot.

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