Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Estates, Goodwilll and Changing fashions

Some of our relatives and friends have died.  That can be sad but in most cases, there was some warning and little shock that older people die.  But there is the matter of what's left over.  A will helps decide who gets the back forty acres but there is more.  Quite a bit more. Clothes, albums of this and that, tools, maybe some live pets.  Many of the people who have experienced facing the attic, the garage, the upper levels of the garage, the basement, etc. try to take a strong stance of being prepared.  Who wants to have the relatives face a big lot of stuff at such a time?  Why not be proactive and strip down now?

Not a bad idea at all but the trouble is we keep on living.  A new gadget gets invented and it holds all our backscratchers so nicely!  In a month or two or so, we are ready to put it aside.  We put aside. Not there!  In the basement.  You know, right beside Grandma's platinum doilies, the ones we are saving for when they come back in style.  I keep them in the pie safe. Yes, I emptied all those culottes and spats out last year so there is room in there now.

It is hard to stay current.  Something old is now treasured but I gave it away.  This is still hot right now but it is fading in popularity even now.  

As more people live to greater age, longer spans of time are covered by their lifetimes.  Meanwhile, marketing and keeping up with the Jones, the de Jongs, the Janosonvanichs and the Tjings moves us all through fashions and fads even faster.  So, we have more stuff to store, to hold on to, just in case.

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