Monday, May 23, 2016

I can't keep up

As I get more friends and followers on this blog, I have trouble keeping up.  As more people respond to comments, I can't keep up.  In spring, it is inviting weather and it is dumb to waste it. But if I go for a bike ride in the luscious breeze, I will get further behind.  I want to examine how my life is going and how it feels but I am too busy living.  I can't keep up!

Friends pour good ideas and great books into my head.  I can't keep up.  Every week goes by faster than the last one.  I get writings from Pew and Brookings.  I try to get through Time each week but I am behind.  

Writers improve.  Marketers send still more attractive deals in more effective language and press more of my buttons.  I can't keep up!

I guess if I turn off my router and put all the mail directly into the recycling, it would help. If I don't fill the tank and limit myself to walking, I could save money but the shock might be upsetting.  Maybe I will turn the router down instead of completely off.  I may even have to redefine "keeping up" or use my sister's new mantra "It doesn't matter".

Some of the TED talks might distract you while you sympathize with my problem. I did put the latest email from TED talk on my blog, here

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