Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How Latin affected my life

In junior high, I choose a foreign language to study.  I could select from French, Spanish, German or Latin.  I choose Latin because it seemed the most exotic.  When would I get another chance?  I have since found out that for years, acceptable preparation for many American colleges was study of both Latin and Greek.  I have never studied or had a chance to study a language that used a different alphabet from the one the English inherited from the Romans.

So, what happened?  At the end of junior high, graduating from the 9th grade, there was only one high school in the city where Latin was studied and where I would be some credit for having had a year of it.  It was an hour away by public transportation, the only kind I could use.  I spent the next three years riding over and back every school day.  That gave me time to spend with my girlfriend or to read when we missed each other.  More importantly, that high school was all-male despite being a public one.  Besides, the 16 or so homerooms in my year were sorted by grades.  I was placed in the 2nd one.  I considered myself financially limited and figured I would join a military service and save for college.  My homeroom teacher - at this point, I suspected I had written all this before.  I searched the main blog page using the search window in the top left:blogpage.jpg

Indeed, I had, in 2009, the same words I was thinking now! I searched for "homeroom" and found my story immediately.  So, let that be a lesson for you.

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