Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just looking, thank you

We learned in psychophysics that great strides were made in understanding the ear and hearing by von Békésy.  He was such an impressive scientist that someone asked the Hungarian Nobel prize winner how he did it.  He answered,"I open up ze ear und I look inzide und I write down vat I zee."  That simple act: noting accurately what we see, not what we thought we would see, not what Mommy said to see, not what we want to see but what we actually see is fundamental throughout our lives in all our activities.

Internally, sitting with our emotions, feeling the fear, tasting the enthusiasm, loving the cheer, cherishing our affections and those offered us, we can see what is going on in us.  Once clearly seen, our various states can be understood and accepted.  Seeing clearly and noting, actually making notes, brief or extensive, of what we see tends to clarify our inner landscape.  We start to get a map of the territory.

Externally, looking fully enables us to see the beauty, pathos, drama, and complexity of our lives and the experiences of others.  We can see the beauty of our bodies, our foods, our technology - the complicated gifts and burdens we all enjoy or face.  The hilarious and completely unpredictable events and sequences, when noted and appreciated, are a feast of humor in themselves.  

When we see clearly, things fall into place.  Life can be understood, accepted and appreciated, including the bumps in the road.

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