Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Changing the angle

I once asked another faculty member which of the visiting lecturers we had had impressed him the most and he immediately answered Moshe Rubinstein.  The visit was about problem-solving and I guess concentrated on the REPRESENTATION of the problem.  Much like a friend said about getting over some of life's obstacle "Think in different terms".  

I have never gotten in the habit of sketching anything, to represent problems or goals or hopes or aims or anything else.  I'm not much of a sketcher.  I nearly always depend on words, English words at that. So books such as "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself" by Shad Helmstetter, PhD tend to stick in my mind.  Quite a bit of progress in science has come from describing phenomena, just describing.  Again, how we describe, what words we use, what slant we take in constructing the description matters a great deal.

Lynn's cousin sent her this YouTube link and she was impressed enough to send it to me.  I am impressed enough to put it in this blog and urge you to watch it.  It is less than 2 minutes long. It is quite well-made and memorable.  I will say that Lynn is a PhD in instructional media and as such, is a trained observer of presentations and videos.  In the linked one, the multiple camera angles showed her that she was watching a sophisticated creation and not something run off quickly by a single person.  Lynn and another friend, an experienced teacher of courses relating to being disabled and helping or teaching disabled people, are not 100% pleased with the example demonstrated.  They advise being more polite and communicative, and asking permission.

The video ends with information that links to this $1.99 book on the same subject.  I was impressed enough to buy it.

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