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Cheri Huber says you're ok - from transcript

I don't see how anyone could fail to admire Cheri Huber's knowledge and courage.  They enabled her to move from a suicide attempt to being a 30 year veteran of helping people end suffering and awaken to life's joys and pleasures.  I listened carefully to the interview of Cheri that Tami Simon of Sounds True conducted and I have referenced it in this blog.  It is worth listening to as a podcast on a computer or mp3 player or iPod but it is also handy to have a transcript.  I tried many times to get the transcript to come up from the Sounds True page but it never worked.  Later, I wanted a friend to get the material and searched Google for the transcript.  It came up and the link below will take you to it.  

Huber-Simon transcript: "So attention is the secret. It's the key to the whole thing, and when we learn that, when we can direct our attention to where we want it to be instead of where conditioned mind takes it, hijacks it in order to maintain its position in the universe, we begin to realize that—this is back to the "choice" word—we really do have a great ability to decide what our life experience is.

"What I discovered is, when I have a conversation in my head from somebody who loves me and is supportive in every effort I make, somebody who essentially, as you said, is cheery in the sense of

"You can do this!

It's fine!

That's great! Just make an effort.

I'm right here with you.

We're going to do it every step of the way.

You're doing great! It's fine!"

then people are able to do things, even with an identification of "severely depressed," that absolutely rocks their world.

Cheri Huber: Imagine that you get a call from your best friend, whoever it is, somebody that you love unconditionally—parent, sister, brother, whatever it is. They are in a terrible state. Something god-awful has just happened in their life, and they're reaching out to you. What would you say to them?
Tami Simon: Mm-hmm. So I would answer that question, and that comes up with the sentence for myself.
CH: That's right, because what you say to them is what you need to hear. We always offer to others what it is that we need for ourselves. I watch myself walk around all the time, saying, "It's OK. It's OK. It's OK."
With my granddaughter or my grandson, I would say,

"You know, it's OK.

You're fine.

You're fine!

You're OK.

I'm right here.

You're OK!"

That's what I need to hear. Even though I'm a grown-up and they're children, inside I'm not much older, and that's what I need to hear. That's the reassurance I need to hear."

Huber states in the interview her enthusiasm for the practice of using a tape recorder to explain to myself just what I did that was wrong, stupid, unforgivable, thick-headed, etc. etc.  Then, giving myself a few minutes, tape my most consoling words and comfort that I would give to someone I loved.  She has had extremely impressive results where people, including herself and her daughter, did this, as stated in the interview linked above.

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