Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Body, form and sex

Which body? When? - "My body" used to be small enough to fit in a baby carriage and weigh much less.  By the time, I die, I may be lots heavier than I am now, I could be lighter but it is certain that my body will weigh much more than it did at my birth.  Which body was truly (a dangerous word) mine?  When was my body?

Made by sex, making more with sex - My body was put into its present time sensitive form by my daddy and my mommy. Parts of their bodies were mixed in my mother, like those glues that come in two tubes and don't work until the contents are mixed.

"Sex in Human Loving" - the title of a wonderful1970 book written by the psychiatrist Eric Berne for sale on Kindle for $7. Super witty, humane, and understanding mind explores sex in our lives. Just recently available as ebook but I loved the book when I read it decades ago.  It is a great pleasure to read it again.

Being 'there" all along but mixed by Dad and Mom into cake format for 6 or so decades and then crumbling - it's elementary, no?  If parts of my Dad and my Mom were mixed to grow the early version of this body, doesn't it stand to reason that parts of me were in them before the mixing?  Where did those parts come from?  Must be the parents of each of my parents, huh?  But the parts that made my parents from my grandparents' bodies must have been in those grandparent bodies before the mixing for my parents was performed, no?  But where did those parts come from?  You can see signs of a path to Adam and Eve, to Darwin,to hominids, to early life, to algae and bacteria up ahead.

For life, women are the key: mixing bowls, nurturers, long-lived - sure men can be heroic.  Many of them can be depended on to participate in the mixing but all along, it is the females.  Remember that Walter Ong quote in Fighting for Life: Contest, Sexuality, and Consciousness , his survey of what life for human males is like?  "The female always wins because of her greater quiet." (Chinese).  Remember, winning can take many different forms, such as who gets to bear the children, who gets to raise them and who lives long enough to be around when the children have children, who has the energy and interest to participate meaningfully in the grandchildren's lives?

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