Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Suggestibility in Hypnosis

Wired article on placebos

Good three-minute video on placebos

The top item is a booklet by my favorite hypnotist, Mary Elizabeth Raines.  The whole subject of suggestibility, placebo effect and the effect of the mind fascinates me.  I see that it also fascinates hundreds, probably millions, of other people, too.

We all know that there is such a thing as a mental effect.  The athlete who is up for the game, the warrior who is aroused or berserk, the dying patient who will not let go of life, the grandmother who singlehandedly lifts the auto that has pinned her grandson - clearly humans can sometimes be under special influences that change their basic properties.

Besides the thoughts and sensations we are aware of, our unconscious or subconscious mind is continually at work, sending impulses to us on how to form words we want to use, keeping our heart beating, our gut digesting, and making us fear the bogey man.

I recommend the short video above on the subject of suggestions we derive from taking pills of substances that normally do nothing much to us but can be powerful if taken with the right suggestion.

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