Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deciphering codes

In Disney's "Jungle Book", King Louie, king of the apes, wants to be a man, to walk into town like the other men do.  In the feral boy, Mowgli, Louie sees what he thinks is the tool he needs.  Mowgli is a male human and thus must know what Louie sees as the big secret, the TOOL that will enable him to do what men can do.  Louie thinks this pivotal key is fire.  How do men make fire?  

Well, yes, fire is very important but I wonder if Louie isn't focusing on the wrong target.  I think he should try for literacy, the ability to read.  And yes, write, too, but if Louie could read and took up reading, he could see his way clear to a number of things: wealth, investment, inventions, etc.  Not to mention, as Lynn pointed out, he could learn tons about fire, how to make one, its nature and chemistry, etc.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind read.  In an African village, he read about the production of electricity in a library supplied by America.  He put together what was needed to make a wind-driven generator.  That machine delivered electricity for him and his family in a place that had not had any electricity before.

Note: yesterday's post contained  a link but it may not have been clear that it was a link and that it leads to this article stating some odd results about product displays in stores:

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