Friday, February 18, 2011

Turn on the lights

Is there a particular kind of lighting that makes you want to buy things?

My friend is an expert in lighting and she has kept me aware of the importance of lighting in all aspects of life.

Once in a large underground cavern, the guide temporarily turned out all the lights so that we could experience subterranean total darkness.  I mean, it was dark!  Absolutely nothing, at all, to see.

I get to wondering what do things, what do I, really look like?  The morning light does this, the evening light does that.  What does the world truly look like, regardless of the lighting?  Basically, that is an unanswerable question. The light always matters and without any at all, there is nothing to see.

I guess the only thing to do is try to put together all the images and try to see a commonality in them.  Me with a flashlight beneath my chin in a monster mode, me in a rosy soft light, me in full sunlight.  I guess there isn't just one me, or one world.  I think we both must have an appearance but I can't see just it only, without a time, a place and a lighting condition.

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