Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to be a better sexist

In today's world, with trade and money and airplanes and electric communication, it seems to me that the superior sex is the female.  I was going around feeling insightful and advanced when I remembered Ashley Montagu's book "The Natural Superiority of Women".  The Library of Congress online file says that book was published in 1953, when I was in my early teens.  

Resistance to disease, pivotal importance in reproducing the species, longevity, intelligence, sensitivity, emotional literacy and empathy, communication skills are some of the areas where women shine. Schools and other educational arrangements, tools and sources have traditionally been organized in a way that meshes with typical womanly desires to perform well, flawlessly if at all possible.  As a result, as soon as men get out of the way, we have more women succeeding in all schooling that men, often with higher grades and wider ranges of excellence.

I am always suspicious when humans (usually men) claim to be smarter than nature.  They have claimed that some organs of the body are not needed, that parts of the brain are useless, and that large sections of the genome are "junk".  I get suspicious that maybe it is human inability to understand while nature and evolution continue on their way.  So, when we have two sexes and one of them is famous for its pride in itself and the other is famous for caring about, for and with others, I naturally begin to suspect that both approaches, gruff aggression and empathetic caring, taken together are a better set of tools for humanity and its goals.

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