Saturday, March 4, 2017

From the Atlantic on the history of Russian intelligence efforts against the US

I find knowing about a long string of efforts to influence the US by the Russian intelligence services comforting.  Of course, I very much doubt that no other group in the US or out of it has done anything similar. 

It is more convenient for the recipients of this blog to get a link to the Atlantic article that is live rather than one that has to be copied and pasted into a browser but I suspect that a single live link is more likely to be refused by spam-stopping codes.  Still, I am trying it:

Meanwhile, I want to mention the current cover of the New Yorker, which relates to the same subject, in what is to me a light-hearted and friendly way.  Maybe you know the name "Eustace Tilly". Eustace is an iconic character that appears on that magazine's cover.  He is a New York dandy and he traditionally peers in a down-the-nose superior gaze at a butter fly.  I recommend you search out the current issue and take a look at the week's Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley.  This man's has Putin's middle name!

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