Friday, January 6, 2017

Who else is blogging and why it matters

I used to fear that all the people that received my blog would start blogs of their own, causing me more reading than I could manage.  Now I am reversing that and hoping that all of my friends start blogs of their own.

I figure most people who eventually get around to writing out into the cybersphere are not going to actually to write all that often.  I also hear from many friends that they "are behind on reading my posts" so I figure if I get behind on reading theirs, it might acceptable.  There is always a ton of stuff to pay attention to and nobody but nobody can notice it all nor remember it all. That goes for readers of my blog and theirs as well.

As some of you know, I was surprised to find that Zia Yang has a blog of her own.  Here I have talked with her in her office and on the phone but not until I read her blog did I have any idea that she and her husband have very different backgrounds.  Not only that, but both are Asians, about which I don't know much.  So, how interesting.  Further, another woman I have worked with who is even closer to Zia than I am was surprised to read in my blog that Zia writes "HmongLovesKorean".  

If everyone wrote about what they did today, what they are reading, what they are cooking for dinner, I could look at their blogs and get into their lives a bit.  I don't have that many days left in my life so I am interested in living in other people's' lives as well as my own.  So, it would be nice if more people took a moment to write about their kids, their pets, their lovers, their parents and other things that interest them.

If you are blogging or your brother does or your ex or your son or his girlfriend, clue me in, please.  I might not look at it all the time but I would like to know. When someone writes openly on the internet,  they naturally open a view into their lives and thought.  Of course, a man might write with passion about fly-fishing and never mention his job in an insurance agency.  You certainly don't get a complete picture of someone through their blog anymore than you get a complete picture of Shakespeare by reading his plays and poems.  Still, it can be enriching, for both the writer and the reader.

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