Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Don't run

Too short

Too heavy

Too tall

Too poor

Too erratic

Too bookish

Too indifferent

Too weak-willed

Figure out what you are 'too ________'  Don't run from it.  

First there are advantages, some you have known for a long time and haven't thought about lately.  Some you can just now notice.

Second, you know that into each life some rain must fall.  Ok, you have been getting a little too much lately and things are going from damp to swampy.  Don't run from it.  Remember how down days were almost a comfort that time.

Third, you've got your law of karma, what goes up, comes down and what goes around, comes around.  It is to be expected.  You are paying your dues and experiencing life.

Fourth, points in heaven and attractive gray hair and admirable wrinkles.  You know you gain from suffering and from the conscious recognition of suffering while under its weight and in its grip.  Develops gravitas and maturity, proves you are all grown up and with-it.

Fifth, the other thing, too

Sixth, don't run.  Face it all, serve the problem a cup of coffee.  Sit together and face each other.  Be nice.

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